Top 10 Digital Markerting Agency in Kolkata

 Searching for the best advertising agency in Kolkata for your business could be overwhelming and tiring. There are so many marketing agencies claiming themselves the best in town and can provide the best services. How to shortlist the one which can render to all your business needs? Well, if you are looking for the top 10 digital marketing Agency in Kolkata, we have the list.

Great content on your website is suitable for holding people for some time. It allows you to grow your audience and help you pave the way for the sale, but how can you convert these audiences into conversions? If your users are visiting your websites, they are interested in your products, but what is making them leave your websites without taking the desired action?

What is an advertising agency?

An advertising agency is responsible for starting and managing your organic and paid marketing campaigns. Some agencies also render services like public relations, sales promotion, interactive media, and direct marketing.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata

Types of advertising agencies

Broadly, advertising agencies offer two types of services:

Full-service agencies

The large or medium-sized advertising agencies which offer full service, are capable of conducting complete advertising campaigns. These agencies provide the services like market research, sales promotion, advertising, public relation, media by film production, etc. They pitch in the idea of how to promote a brand and make it happen till it starts generating leads.

Specialized Agencies

These agencies perform only one or two services out of the entire range. They do not specialize in every service. If you have a business, and you are willing to hire an agency only to get a part of the whole range of services to be done, you can go for specialized agencies. Their payment methods could be different, like commission fees, percentage charges systems, etc.

Top agencies in Kolkata

We have listed the top ten advertising agencies in Kolkata. Depending on your needs, you can check out their work and hire the agency.